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This platform is dedicated to helping us all become more effective hunters...especially those of us who didn't grow up with a bow or rifle in our hands, and are trying to play catch up and figure out how to be successful at this game. However, it is also designed around a much bigger question: how can we be more effective MEN? What does it really mean to be a man today? How can we be better husbands, fathers, citizens, and of course - outdoorsmen? And how can the pursuit of hunting lead us to those answers?

Of course, I would love to invite all women (hunters or not) to be a part of the conversation, as well. Your insight and point of view will be absolutely invaluable to the conversation many men are dying to have, but aren't sure how to start.


2017 AZ Archery Bull

2017 AZ Archery Bull

I'm Eric Voris and I am a husband, father, pastor, and passionate hunter. I also believe that many modern men suffer needlessly from an inner battle we aren't sure how to pinpoint. Many of us live fairly comfortable lives with suburban homes, predictable work schedules, and plenty of climate-controlled comfort. None of that is bad in itself, but not one bit of it speaks to the inner, "primal" man that still dwells within each of us. When that masculine heart is stifled for months and years at a time, it can lead to a general sense of unrest, resentment, and ultimately can lead to a host of other issues like anxiety and depression. I was able to get in touch and make peace with this inner man through a deeper understanding of who Jesus says I am, as well as increased time spent hunting. While hunting isn't the answer for every man, I want to help other men find whatever method will work for them to find this same kind of peace and health.

Growing up in a completely non-hunting household, I didn't get a taste for the sport until marrying into it at 21. Even then, several career moves and life circumstances stood in the way of me taking it seriously until about age 30. After diving headlong into the hunting world, it seemed that every big name and successful hunter out there had grown up in the woods calling elk and taking down giant bucks - which has a way of making a man feel significantly behind the curve. However, I personally knew plenty of men in the same boat - who were just getting into hunting well into their adult years - and felt a platform from the perspective of one who is Late to the Game would be a valuable addition to the hunting community (plus, as a father, I'm predisposed to love a good pun).