My first elk harvest, first kill with a bow, and first hunting film...basically, the culmination of years of work and a whole lot of firsts all at once. This guy wouldn't come in to calls, bedded 90 yards from us, and made me crawl nearly 40 yards on my hands and knees across a meadow to give me a shot at the last possible second before he blew out of the area. Truly a hunt I'll never forget!


My wife was raised a hunter, but never managed to harvest anything during her childhood. Now that hunting has taken over my life, she’s feeling that itch to get back into, out we go to the AZ desert to chase mule deer bucks. Logic would say this is a potential relationship killer, but logic doesn't know just how fun my wife is!


The plight of teaching yourself how to hunt a new species. You can watch all the YouTube videos, read all the articles, and study the text books about it...but all of that gets put to the test when you get boots on the ground and try to chase that animal down. Spring Turkey with a bow is not an easy hunt to begin with, and to be doing it alone and over a quick weekend drops the odds even further. Yet, you can't win if you don't play the game, so it has to be worth a shot, right? 


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